Drupal Dives into Agile Waterfalls: How to Embrace Agile Principles in Traditional Project Environments

It's a wrap: more than 70 Drupalistas joined in Évora in May 2024. More editions coming in next years !

Speaker: Tiago Miguel Velasques

Level: Beginner

The waterfall methodology is still the most common way of managing Drupal projects in Portuguese companies, despite not being particularly developer-friendly nor tailored to quickly evolving client needs and expectations.

Trying to fit Agile practices into a waterfall project might seem like a good way to introduce some flexibility and guarantee closer oversight of the build phase – but it is not without its perils! In this session, we will explore how applying Agile principles in a traditional IT setting feels like walking a tightrope… but with a mindful approach it might just be the way to achieve both flexibility and structure, happier teams and clients, and successful project outcomes.