Drupal's Secret Weapon: Single Directory Components and Its Supporting Cast

It's a wrap: more than 70 Drupalistas joined in Évora in May 2024. More editions coming in next years !

Speaker: Catarina Aleixo Piza / Sara Alexandra Barroso

Level: Intermediate

Ready to embrace the future with Single Directory Components (SDC) and its crew of game-changing modules? SDC isn't your average tool; it's a rocket ride for Drupal Devs, empowering them to wield the avant-garde power of components. 

Say hello to a world where modularity and reusability reign supreme, where every line of code is a step towards Frontend nirvana. 

Get ready for a wild ride! We're about to plunge into the vibrant ecosystem of SDC's sidekick modules – where innovation throws the rulebook out the window and creativity dances in the streets. So, are you ready to join the party and revolutionize your Frontend game? 

Let's elevate it to new heights together!