Improving webform features to create great drupal experiences

It's a wrap: more than 70 Drupalistas joined in Évora in May 2024. More editions coming in next years !

Speaker: Nelson Santos Alves

Level: Beginner

No one wants a website anymore.
Users want web applications that communicate with other applications in a dynamic way.
Due to its heavy use on Drupal sites, Webform is a good candidate to interact with the users offering them a way to submit data. Sometimes collecting data is not enough. We want to send it to other systems or generate content based on this data.
How to accomplish these requirements in an efficient way? 

In this session we will show our approach to this problem, creating a suite of Webform add-ons that work in a configurable and generic way which allows us to send data or receive data to/from other systems. 
With this tools, it’s now easier than ever to send webform submissions' data to other systems, convert Webform submissions into another content entities, and even to use other parties' data to prefill webform select options.