Let Your Accessibility Do The Walking

It's a wrap: more than 70 Drupalistas joined in Évora in May 2024. More editions coming in next years !

Speaker: João Marques Silva

Level: Beginner

Accessibility in Drupal is an essential aspect that fosters inclusivity and ensures equal access to digital content for all users. Just like the concept of open source, accessibility holds tremendous value in making technology usable and understandable by everyone. As an open-source platform, Drupal benefits from a dedicated community that continually enhances its accessibility features.

In this session, we invite you to join us on a journey where we let accessibility do the walking in Drupal. We'll explore the remarkable advantages it brings to your projects, empowering users to navigate with ease and ensuring that your digital creations are accessible for all. Get ready to witness the power of accessibility as we stride towards inclusive and extraordinary Drupal experiences together.

Join us as we delve into the transformative power of accessibility and discover how it can elevate your Drupal projects to new heights. Together, let's build a digital environment that embraces diversity, empowers users, and enables a seamless experience for all.